Wyoming Antelope hunting with large herds and big bucks on private land!
Wyoming antelope hunting
Wyoming antelope hunting lodge
Wyoming antelope hunting
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Wyoming antelope hunting

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The 2007 Biggame Hunting Season

Wow, the 2007 season started with a BANG!! Hunters bagged over 100 animals in the first two weeks of October. We've had a lot of fun, and a lot of hunters--from the Mammolito group in New York, to Joe Gonzalez, a returning client from California, and from the Grimmers in Washington, to 5th year client Lou Sanandreas in Florida--we've had hunters from every part of America! We've had several husband/wife teams, and several father/son combos.

Overall the antelope hunting was unbelievable. I think there were more antelope running around after the season ended than before it began. The size of the bucks was also big. We had several over 15", with the biggest narrowly missing the 16" mark.

Once again we harvested some great mule deer bucks. This years hunt was the largest yet, but since we don't want to hurt our hunting in the future, we are going to cut back slightly on the number of mule deer hunters for 2008 which should increase the average age of the bucks.

Our whitetail hunting went well, I've got a couple more pictures to get on the website, but hunters so a lot of bucks--especially in the 110-120 with several nice 130-140 class bucks that escaped to grow another year.

Our elk hunting is better than ever, the bulls are big and plentiful, but we need hunters to apply for the licenses. Hunters that have one or two preference points--you guys are getting closer, please contact us so we can be sure and get you in--the deadline is coming up in January. Hunters that have been thinking about applying, now is the time. You have a small chance of drawing the first year, but you just as well start accumulating preference points so that three or four years from now, you can be chasing one of these big guys--trust me, its worth the effort!

We shot more coyotes the first two weeks of October than ever before. We need to trim on coyote numbers before they start effecting our deer numbers. If you are interested in putting a coyote pelt on your wall, please email us about the most challenging, economical hunt we offer!

A couple of in house thank yous--Thanks to
Danny for taking charge of the photos--a picture is worth a thousand words.
Thanks Dee and Rutha--our cooks--you two make the experience special.
Joel Bailey--for keeping your cool, and making it all happen.
The rest of the staff and guides--each one of you adds character and flavor to the R7R, I'm proud to have all of you on the team.


"The Trophy Room"--2007

wyoming antelope huntingwyoming antelope hunting

Joseph Schorr from New York with the biggest antelope of the year. Just a hair shy of 16", Joseph harvested this antelope on the 12 day of
the season with a .30-06
Guide--John Hester

A dandy antelope with 1/2" of ivory on both horns.
wyoming mule deer hunting
wyoming mule deer hunting

What a great deer. This deer had the symmetry and the width going for him. I was told he was 24" wide, but it looks like he's closer to 30" Some pretty good photography going on there!

Frank Genna's mulie had some great gnarls around the bases. Shows he's an older buck, probably been around 6 or 7 years--this is the type we love to harvest!
wyoming mule deer hunting

Heather Reese with an awesome mule deer. This 3X4 had 6" bases and a 27" outside spread. She shot him with a .270 at 196 yards. Its going to be awhile before she gets a better one that that!

The biggest whitetail of the year was shot by Dave Holata from Philadelphia on November 13. The 5X6 has a tine on his right side that branches--a cross between a mule deer and whitetail??
Our guide, Kurt Kamholz, got a little extra help from a coyote on this hunt. (I personally would rather be lucky than good--I'm glad you have both Kurt!)

wyoming buffalo hunting
A great buffalo with some good curl--shot with a classic!

"Joel--just wanted to thank you for all you did during the elk hunt. I really had a great time and I already can't wait until next year. You probably know this already but it means a lot when you go on a hunting trip somewhere to do what you love to do--HUNT--and it turns out better than you ever expected. It creates great memories that last for ever! Thanks."

--Thank you Todd, we enjoyed having you.

wyoming hunting guides
The guide crew at the Rockin' 7.
(Back from left) Mark, Joel, Danny, John
(Front from left) Dan, Brad, Gary, Howard
Not Pictured-- Steve, Darren, Tim
Sheldon Poage getting near his limit on geese. You better crawl back in that blind before the next wave of honkers come in! I must confess, I do regret not being with you and Robert on that hunt.

The first bobcat I've ever shot! A big tom with thick fur--this one is going to be a full body mount and in the lodge. He weighed 31 pounds and it took three shots on December 15, 2007 at 200 yards before I hit him. Its the first time I've had buck fever since I can remember--Wow.Two lifetime goals in the same winter--first a bobcat, and then a wolf! (No, we are not booking wolf hunts yet on the Rockin' 7) I shot this wolf in Northern Ontario, Cananda with a great outfitter. If anybody has a dream to shoot a wolf, send me an email, and I'll fill you in on the details of a hunt of a lifetime (well, second hunt of a lifetime--right after the Rockin' 7 Ranch!) Thanks Pete and crew for a great time.
wyoming coyote hunting 
A double on coyotes! A great shot on the second coyote at 400+ yards running! It took me years before I got a double on coyotes, especially with one that big--he looks like he could be a wolf!--Ha, he's big, but now that I shot one, I don't know if I still agree with my earlier statement.


For the complete season pictures, please click on the following links--we had too many to put on this page. Remember, this is almost EVERY animal harvested at the Rockin' 7 Ranch in 2007--not just our biggest. I'm sorry that a couple of photos slipped through the cracks and didn't get posted.

2007 Hunters, if you don't see your picture on here, please email me a copy, and I'll get it on--Thanks, Brad.


Whitetail\Mule Deer--2007


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wyoming antelope hunting lodge

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