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Wyoming antelope hunting
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Wyoming antelope hunting
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The 2009 Hunting Season!

Thank you all for a PERFECT season. We ended up 48 out of 48 on the antelope with 3 breaking the 15" mark, and we finished up 17 for 17 on the Mule Deer with several between 24 and 27 1/2 inches. Great trophies, great hunters, and a great staff--you all are amazing.

Rutha, you and Laura are irreplaceable, I can't thank you enough for the hard hours you two put in.

Steve, Rob, Danny, Mark, Joel, Dan, Tyson, John, Gary, and Bob you guys make it all happen day after day. Thanks for your dedication to helping others have the hunt of a lifetime!


"The Trophy Room"--2009
We've had some cold, snowy weather, but it didn't slow down the hunt. We had a lot of memorable moments--like Tyson giving a new definition to "Mule Deer Country" and the Trent Wine crew giving a whole new meaning to hillbilly antelope hunting (more pictures to come on that one!)

Many potential clients tell me its hard to pick an outfitter over the internet--"How do we know you're for real?" Well, here's exactly what you can expect when you come hunt with us. These are the pictures from EVERY hunter we had for 2009--we don't show you just the biggest two or three from each season or our career. We want you to see every animal we harvest so you know, "We are for real!"

One of the biggest of the year--Joe Ronyak with a 14 3/4" antelope. Judd Dean with a very nice antelope. Thanks for the picture Dianne--I still like the one with you in it though!
Nice antelope Sarah-- good job on your first hunt! We'll keep the puzzle for you for next year, and I promise not to hide any of the pieces (well, maybe just one)!
Paul with a great antelope with 7" cutters. Looking forward to chasing deer with you next year!
A nice heart shaped set of horns on Mark's antelope. I hope we didn't traumatize Lucy too much with that buffalo video!
Dennis Downum with a second day antelope.Rosemary with an antelope. 86 years old and still getting it done, very nice Rosemary.Darrin Downum with a nice 14 1/4" antelope.

Doug Williams with a nice antelope shot on Sept. 27, 2009.

Ray and Chet with a couple of "Get er' done" award-both speednice antelope. You guys get the goats harvested before 9 a.m.!
Mark Daniel with a pheasant after the antelope hunt. Sorry about the run-in with the porcupine--just what you wanted to do for an hour and a half huh Mark? Getting in some p.dog shooting after the antelope hunt.
Laura, our grill connoisseur, cooking up some steaks.Charlie with the first buffalo of the fall season. A nice cow with one shot from his .338 Ultra Mag. Larry Huch with a big 15 inch antelope.

"Brad: I wanted to thank you and the Rockiní 7 crew for a great hunt! Elizabeth and I had a tremendous time, and truly enjoyed meeting Heather and you (and your really neat kids!) and seeing old friends Rutha and Steve T. I know that Brian, Gary, and Sharon all had a great time as well."

Thanks Tad, it was a pleasure having you again. Looking forward to 2010!

Dear Brad, I hope all is well with you and your lovely family. I have been meaning to give you a call so I apologize for the delay. Don and I had a great time and enjoyed your hospitality. Look forward to next years hunt with you and your staff after getting rid of the extra weight that I put on while I was eating delicious meals prepared by Rutha. Please keep in touch and let me know about the group package that I discussed with you earlier. Many Thanks and in the meantime, have a great weekend. Amir

Thanks Amir, we sure enjoyed you and Don, you guys were a lot of fun! Brad


Here come the Mulies!!

Father and son with a couple of opening day mule deer, Larry and Luke Huch with two awesome deer-one 25" and one 26".Jon Wilson with a 27 1/2" mule deer shot on opening day--that might hold as the biggest of the year Jon!
"Iíve been on numerous big game hunts and this one was probably the most organized and enjoyable hunts Iíve ever been on. They had done their homework prior to the hunters arriving. We had numerous opportunities to harvest animals/trophy animals. The guides are local thus they know the area and the accommodations and food were second to none. Itís a place I would feel comfortable taking my wife or boys as well. There were four of us in our party and we all tagged out with trophies. I really canít think of anything I didnít like about the experience. You will eat and sleep great and you will take a nice trophy animal. The guides are very good when it comes to judging the size of an animal as well. At 300 yards not many people can accurately determine the difference between a 14 and 15 inch antelope. They took care of the meat and the capes for mounting with no problems. I will point out again that I have hunted all over and this was my best overall experience. I highly recommend Brad and Rockin 7 Ranch as one of the best in the business. Thanks, Jon"
12 year old, Quinton Payne with a dandy first deer. Wish we could have had that gun sighted in sooner Quinton--just part of hunting I guess! My kids, Cody, Shelby, and Paige, are sure looking forward to seeing you again next fall.Brandin Reed with the craziest horns of the year--a 5X10 shot on day 4.
Thomas Love with a nice 4X5A miscommunication and quick shot, left Lynn with this wide fork horn.
Jeff Payton with a nice 4X5 


Thank you for a wonderful time. I donít know how it could have been any better. I hope we can figure out a way to bring our daughter next year.
Kindest regards to you, your family and your wonderful staff,
Gary and Sharon Nunnelee"

Thanks Gary, maybe next time we'll get your deer closer than 2 days from the nearest road!

Bucky Payne with a big deer on opening day--a huge body, with a great rack--26 inch spread with 6 1/2" bases.

"Brad, I wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful time! We enjoyed every aspect of our experience at your ranch. In fact,,,,,we are wanting to go ahead and get on the books for next year. I need some advice on what kind of hunt and dates to book for. I am not sure what to do for myself seeing that I probably killed as nice of a mule deer as I will ever see. So I am thinking maybe an antelope or whitetail hunt. Please send my regards to your family and staff. Respectfully,

Bucky Payne"

Ha, thanks Bucky, that is a big deer! Yah, you might get a bigger one, but that's a tough one to beat.

Greg Antolin came up from Hawaii and shot this 24 inch 5X6 buck. Glad we saved the best weather for you Greg!Here's another look at Greg's 5X6.

Rob Brown with a nice mule deer harvested in the snow.

"Dear Brad and Staff:

Ann and I wanted to thank you and your great staff for a wonderful hunting trip. The entire hunt and stay really exceeded our expectations. A special thank you to Mark and Dan for their extraordinary efforts in filling both of our tags. Boy, those buck mule deer can be elusive. I have attached a couple of pictures so we can be added to the website 2009 hall of fame".

Thank you Greg, and thanks for making our season 100%. We were down to the last hour or so of the hunting season, when Greg harvested this nice 4X4.

Don Dalton with a nice antelope and a fun hunt--you and Amir are a bucket of laughs--thanks, Brad

Bill Longiotti from Talent, Oregon with a nice cow, shot with an original 1873 Remington rolling block 45-70.

"Thank you for working so hard to make my bison hunt very successful. I had a great time and was very impressed that it was a real stalking hunt, and not what is commonly called a "CANNED" hunt. My choice to use my 45-70 Remington rolling block with Iron sights made the hunt a thing of the past which is exactly what I wanted. The hunt was quite difficult and took a lot of work just to get a shot to get the bison down, BUT I WOULD NOT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. It truly was a great time and I will remember it for many many years to come. Thanks again."
Bill Longiotti

It was a pleasure having you Bill. We strive to make it an experience instead of just a hunt--thank you for helping us do that.



I still have a few more pictures to gather up and get on here. Overall, 2009 was a very good year. The game was plentiful, and even after the last day of the season, I continue to see nice bucks--both deer and antelope--2010 should be just as good. We are currently booking for the 2010 season. Please send us an email, or call 307-334-2309 and we'll make it happen for you!



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