Wyoming Antelope hunting with large herds and big bucks on private land!
Wyoming antelope hunting
Wyoming antelope hunting lodge
Wyoming antelope hunting
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Wyoming antelope hunting

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The 2011 Hunting Season

WHEW! Well, when the dust finally settled, we ended up harvesting 68 out of 69 on the buck antelope, 21 out of 23 on the deer, 2 out of 2 on the elk, and about 900% on the prairie dogs!

We seem to have more antelope moving in every year, and every year, we up the harvest on the speed goats. With another mild winter this year, I look for our pronghorn numbers to continue to increase. Wyoming knows how to grow antelope, and they are thriving on the Rockin' 7. The largest of 2011 was a 15 3/4" and we had 5 of them over the 15" category.

Although mule deer numbers are in a slight decline throughout the west, we continue to see good numbers here at the ranch, and we are picking up more mule deer hunting around the area.

Thank you to everyone who visited us this year, and thank you to my crew, you're a great group and you continue to make dreams come true!


Wyoming hunting guides
Guide crew for 2011, Top row, left to right, Steve, Mark, Jake, Mario, Danny
Bottom row, Robert, Brad, Allen

"The Trophy Room"--2011

We are committed to showing you pictures from NEARLY every animal harvested here at the Rockin' 7 Ranch. We want you to know exactly what you can expect from us as far as size and quality of our game. Anybody can show you a big deer or two that they've harvested from the last five years. We show you all the deer we've harvested. From big to small, we show them all!!




wyoming antelope hunting lodge

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wyoming antelope hunting lodge

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