Wyoming Antelope hunting with large herds and big bucks on private land!
Wyoming antelope hunting
Wyoming antelope hunting lodge
Wyoming antelope hunting
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Wyoming antelope hunting

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The 2017 Hunting Season

First critter of the season! Congratulations Sarah on a great bull.
This could be you!
The fun continues October 1, 2017.
Check back for updates.

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Rolling in the mule deer! Here are some of the pix from the first week of the season. We have been seeing up to 50 mule deer bucks in a day! The quality across the board this year is the best I have ever seen in my 30 years of guiding hunters. Stan harvested this buck at 6 pm last night, on the second day of his hunt!
Check back for updates.
The antelope have been the usual--everywhere! We already have four over 15" and we are not half done yet.

Not to sound like a broken record, but many thanks for hosting another great experience at Rockin7 Ranch!  I know I don't have to tell you what a great guy (and guide) Steve is, and quite honestly, after the last two years, we think of everyone at Rockin7 as our friends!  I simply can't put it all into words.... The hospitality, the scenery, the meals, the quality and amount of game, and of course Steve!  I bet if there's hunting in Heaven, it will look just like your part of Wyoming!

With some regret, (actually a lot of regret) we have another commitment for next fall.  BUT, I'd love to get on your books for 2019, assuming you book that far out.(?)  My real hope is to bring one of my hunting buddies form Pennsylvania along and share the experience.  He too would likely bring his wife.  Anyway, I hope you can consider accommodating us once again in 2019, and I'll be happy to run the deposit (for two combo hunts) as soon as you'd like to insure we get in the books.  I'd of course hope for Steve again, and as close to the October 1st date as I can get.

Thank you again for all your consideration.  Oh ya, thanks also for encouraging me to hold off and wait for a nice one.  I think we beat last year's mule deer by at least 6 inches, and I'm sure we looked at well over 100 different bucks before pulling the trigger..... 

Roger Hall
Thanks Roger--repeat clients like you are the heart of this operation!

We are 60% booked for our mule deer hunts in 2018. We would be glad to get you on the list, just give Shauna an email r7rhunting@gmail.com or phone call (307) 351-4908





wyoming antelope hunting lodge

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wyoming antelope hunting lodge

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