Buffalo, pheasant, deer, and antelope hunting--experience the difference at the Rockin' 7!
wyoming hunting lodge
wyoming hunting lodge
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wyoming hunting lodge
Hunting Lodge map

From Denver International Airport

Take PENA BLVD. 3.4 miles
Take the E-470 N exit- exit number 6B- toward 120TH AVENUE.
Merge onto E 470 N (Portions toll). 17.5 miles
Merge onto I-25 N toward FT. COLLINS. 197.8 miles
Take the US-18/20 E--exit number 126- toward LUSK.
Turn RIGHT onto US-18/20. 12 miles
Turn RIGHT onto Reese Rd. at Shawnee

From Casper Airport

Start out going South on AIRPORT PKWY toward MCCLELLAN ST.
Turn LEFT onto W YELLOWSTONE HWY/US-20/US-26. 3.8 miles
Turn LEFT onto US-20 E/US-26 E. 2.5 miles
Merge onto I-25 S toward CASPER/CHEYENNE. 62.8 miles
Take the US-18/20 E--exit number 126- toward LUSK.--12 miles
Turn RIGHT onto REESE RD. at Shawnee



From Shawnee, WY to the Rockin' 7 Lodge

At Shawnee, turn RIGHT on Reese Rd and go approximately 5 miles.
Turn LEFT and go 1 mile
Turn RIGHT and go 3 miles
Turn LEFT at the Y in the road and follow gravel road approximately 3 miles to Lodge.


General information before you come on your hunt


Typical weather for deer and antelope season is variable but ranges from a foot of snow and 10 degrees to sunny and 80 degrees. Normally, you can expect 30-40 degrees in the morning and getting up to 60-70 during the day. We recommend dressing in layers.

What to Bring

One piece of blaze orange is required to hunt in Wyoming. Hunters usually just wear an orange hat and they are good to go. We have complimentary orange hats at the lodge for anyone who needs one.

Good hiking boots that can stand up to cactus, with 0-200 grams of thinsulate.

All guides carry laser range finders and good optics, but feel free to bring your own if you would like.

Average Shot Distance

Antelope--average distance is 150-200 yards with some shots going to 300 if you are comfortable shooting that range.

Mule deer--average distance is 100-200 yards. Usually the deer are in more cover so we can stalk a little closer to get the shot. Sometimes those big guys require a longer shot though. By and large, if you are comfortable shooting out to about 250 yards, you should be fine.

Minimum Caliber and Scope

Wyoming law requires rifles larger than .223 caliber, so basically a .240 Weatherby and up are the legal cartridges in Wyoming.

For antelope, a .243 or 6mm works well on up to as big a caliber as you want. Usually .270, 30-06, or 7mm are about as big as most hunters go unless they are on a combo hunt and want to use their 300 Mag for both species.

For deer, we like a .257 caliber on up to 300 mag. or larger if you prefer.

Scopes--a 3x9 or 4x12 works well in Wyoming, mainly try to stay away from the fixed power, high magnification scopes. The mistake we see hunters make is to think they need high power for long shots, but if something is closer, it is hard to find the animal in the scope. So usually we like to start magnification at a lower lever, like 3 or 4, and then if you need to zoom in to take the shot, you have that option.


wyoming hunting lodge

Rockin' 7 Ranch
Brad & Heather Reese
1468 Hwy 20
Shawnee, WY 82229
(307) 351-1201

wyoming hunting lodge

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