Meet the Crew of the Rockin' 7 Ranch!
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wyoming hunting lodge
wyoming hunting lodge
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Introducing the staff and crew
of the Rockin' 7 Ranch.

These are the folks that make sure your stay is as enjoyable as you expect it to be.

Above photo:
Top: Brad, Darrell, John, "Troop", Robert, Sam, Joel
Bottom: Hunter, Tyler, Rich, Kevin

Rockin' 7 Team Building on a Canadian Wolf Hunt!

A group of cold guides: Danny, Tyson, Brad, Steve, Robert

Rockin' 7 Team Building in Arizona on a Coues Deer Hunt in 2016


2017 will be our 11th season with Rutha our amazing cook! Great food and a unique personality, Rutha can perform magic in that kitchen.
Steve Trupiano from Michigan has been with us for 11 seasons now. Steve is an all around guide that is capable of taking care of any situation or style of hunt. Don't tell him, but we wouldn't be the same operation without our go-to guy!

Robert has been guiding for us nearly 10 years. Nobody knows the terrain or the habits of the animals like Robert. He puts the work in scouting during the off season which helps, but it just comes natural to him to know exactly where to find the big ones and get them in the back of the pickup.


John and Drew Hester have been guiding for us since 2008. Owning the neighboring ranch, John and Drew are a neat father/son guide team that always end up taking quality animals and providing an unforgettable experience.

John Dean's been guiding for us since 2014. John is growing into a capable, consistent guide that is casual and keeps a cool head, unless something big jumps up, then all bets are off!

Darrell Newburn had his first guide year with us in 2016 and he fit right in like he was born here! Darrell's work ethic is amazing and he has no quit in him. He's a strong guide with a positive attitude and will keep beating the brush until the right critter shows up. He's skilled with many weapons--including Leica binoculars on a tripod. He demonstrated those skills on this Arizona fox we called in just a little, no a lot, too close for comfort! Unfortunately the focus knob will never be the same--you'll have to ask him about that story sometime.

Joel Sandoz and his wife Shauna are the newest additions to the Rockin' 7 crew. They will be handling management of the lodge along with booking and licensing. Joel has a passion for all types of hunting, and a very keen eye for spotting game.

Shauna Sandoz is the friendly voice on the other side of your phone calls and emails. She's great with details and keeping track of your reservations. It takes a law degree to keep up with Wyoming game and fish regulations, but her and Joel have grabbed the bull by the horns to make it easier for you!

Here I am getting wore out on a Coues deer hunt in Arizona with a group of our guides. One thing folks see when they get here is how much of a team we are. We are a group of people that enjoy what we do, and working with each other. I've been guiding hunters since I was 12 years old, and after more than 30 years, I still love what I do! It's a pleasure to be able to share this lifestyle with so many of you and to help fulfill your dreams--it makes those early mornings worth it!

Brad Reese--Owner


wyoming hunting lodge

Rockin' 7 Ranch
1468 Hwy 20
Shawnee, WY 82229
(307) 351-4908

wyoming hunting lodge

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