Buffalo, pheasant, deer, and antelope hunting--experience the difference at the Rockin' 7!
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trophy antelope hunting
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Whitetail Deer Hunting Statistics

Total Whitetail Deer Killed:
2002--8 Total
2003--4 Total
2004--4 Total
2005--6 Total
2006--3 Total
2007--2 Total
2008--2 Total
2009--3 Total

2010--4 Total
2011--5 Total
2012--4 Total
2013--3 Total
2014--0 Total
2015--0 Total
2016--1 Total

After a devastating drought and blue tongue epidemic in 2012, our whitetail hunting is finally starting to come back. We are seeing some big deer and would like to harvest 4-6 deer per year. Please call and ask for a group discount if you have 4 or more in your party. Thanks,

wyoming antelope hunting lodge

Rockin' 7 Ranch
1468 Hwy 20
Shawnee, WY 82229
(307) 351-4908

wyoming antelope hunting lodge

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